School-Based Sealant Program


Toothaches keep children in pain and prevent them from being able to learn and attend school.  These kinds of problems are preventable and sealant programs are well documented as proven and effective in reducing dental emergencies in children.

Oral Health Care LLC provides preventive services at your convenience. These services include cleaning, fluoride treatment, oral assessment, and dental sealants. These services are performed by a licensed dental hygienist. A report will be sent home with each child. Provider One, private insurance, and reduced fees will pay for these services.

No child is turned away if they are unable to pay!

Oral Health Care LLC values your time in class. Bringing these services to your school has many benefits.

  • Decrease missed class time. Depending on a child’s’ needs, it may take 10-30 minutes for the first visit. We try to see each child for a second fluoride application. This takes 2 minutes for a quick review of their daily oral hygiene and fluoride applied to their teeth. Studies prove a child at high risk for cavities decreases their risk when fluoride is applied often.
  • We encourage a healthy environment. Talking about oral health is important for children to understand. We reinforce this 3 times during our visit. First in a group setting, second at their cleaning appointment, and third during their second fluoride application.
  • We make Oral Health Care accessible. We make it easy for families to have a positive dental experience. We provide referrals to dentists when families don’t have one.
  • We increase access to healthy mouths and decrease decay!
  • Each child receives a toothbrush, instructions to maintain a healthy mouth, floss, and treatment referral form.
  • We see every child, regardless of their ability to pay!
  • All we need is a consent form signed and returned.

We work closely with local dentist to provide referrals if families do not have one already. We are happy to have families come out to see us and give them one on one instructions with prevention measures at home.

School Based Dental | Informational Flyer (PDF)